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Flower Skull Ring

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Are You Ready To Take The Risk?

This Unique Flower Skull Ring Was Forged Into The Depths Of The Earth and Corrupt those who wore it.
Many battles were made for the possession of this Ring and Nobody Before us At Classicfeather had the privilege to possess it.

So we decided that for 1 Day ONLY you could have the privilege to have it too! Don't waste time and get yours now before it's too late.

Corrupt  those who wore it
Different colors and sizes
High-Quality Material
One-Time Promotion

Hurry! Promotion Available Today's Only, Take The Risk, Get Yours Now!


5: 0.562 inch/ 14.27mm
6: 0.578 inch/ 14.68mm
7: 0.586 inch/ 14.88mm
8: 0.602 inch/ 15.29mm